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Verklaring soos uitgereik deur die DA:

Statement by
Anthony Benadie MPL
Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

DA condemns racism at Delmas “anti-crime” march

31 May 2012
Release: Immediate

The DA condemns, in the strongest terms, the racist remarks, slogans and posters at the march protesting violent crime against women and children in Delmas this morning.

The march, organised by members of the Afrikaner Volksraadskommissie, is in reaction to the tragic murder of the five-month-old baby, Wiehan Botes, and Ms Margrietha de Goede, his caregiver in Delmas last week.

This barbaric act of murder is condemned and should rightly outrage every South African. However, it is uncalled for and unfortunate that the Afrikaner Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) chose to reduce such a tragic event to a racial slur, by proclaiming that this murder was racially motivated. According to the DA’s current information, no report has yet provided any evidence to suggest that the attack and murder was racially motivated.

Some of poster slogans displayed by the VVK include: “Black cowards – leave our women and children alone”, “Besteel, verkrag, vermoor: Ons is klaar met swart Suid-Afrika” and “Barbare los ons kinders uit”.

Crime and murder affects all race groups in our country, and the VVK is conveniently disregarding this fact to justify their racist behaviour. More so, the DA believes that the VVK is opportunistically exploiting this tragedy in an attempt to add credibility to their organisation. By turning this double murder into a race-related issue, the VVK is in fact not only driving a wedge between race groups, but also attempting to undermine the efforts of all South Africans who are dedicated to fighting crime.

Last week, the Mpumalanga Legislature adopted a DA-tabled motion, condemning this horrific act and calling on the SAPS to leave no stone unturned to arrest the killers. To this end, we are pleased at media reports this morning that the SAPS have arrested two suspects relating to these murders.

Over the past few weeks, several incidents in South Africa have compromised race relations in the country and placed the unity of South Africa under severe strain. The actions of the VVK entrenches those divisions and serve only the interest of those who wish to keep South Africans divided. There is no place for them in our society.

No amount of racial division can successfully address any of South African's problems, including crime. It is imperative the South Africans of all races stand together in the fight against crime and any other challenge facing our country.

The DA calls on all residents of Delmas, as well as the Victor Khanye municipality, to distance themselves from this event, and stand together as one community during this trying time.  

Media enquiries:  

Anthony Bendaie MPL

083 400 8554

Willie Venter

Provincial media liason

082 319 6666 

Ope brief aan die DA in reaksie op bostaande:


I refer to the media-statement of Anthony Benade, DA-provincial leader of “Mpumalanga”, following the protest march of the VVK and other Boer-Afrikaner organisations in Delmas on 31st of May 2012.

Since time immemorial, politicians tend to close their eyes for the truth, when the truth does not suit them. But sickness, as revealed by the truth, never heals just because it is being ignored. To the contrary: it gets progressively worse - until the system which tries to close its eyes for the truth and staggers along in its falseness, falls apart and dies.

Sometimes, Boer-Afrikaners get killed in this country by other Afrikaners. That, however, represents a miniscule percentage of the killings (which, viewed against our total numbers, fully justify a description of genocide.) In essence, we are being decimated BY BLACKS. And these Blacks never attack a group of well-armed men. They strangle children, mutilate elderly women, ambush a lonely farmer. YES - THAT IS COWARDICE. And if we don’t draw a racial inference in this regard, we would be utterly and hopelessly stupid.

Officially these killings are always “condemned” – but the ruling ANC sides with Malema in Court when he chants that we must be killed. The President wants his machine-gun. Not surprisingly, the Police search for perpetrators only to find more and more dockets on their tables. You say: “There is no place for (us) in our society”. This time you get it right, Mr. Benade. There is no place for us in your sick, pretentious, opportunistic, naive society.

And we told you, even before 1994, that we do not want to form part of your doomed-to-fail-rainbow nation experiment. But the ANC would not listen. They rather forced us against our will in this pot-pourri state – nothing less than political rape. And that was the real message of the Delmas Memorandum: Stop this political rape, and let us reach a peaceful settlement regarding our internationally-recognised right to self-determination in our own territory, as envisaged in your Constitution. The Sotho’s have Lesotho, the Swazi’s have Swaziland. We will not stop until we also get independence.

– Paul Kruger
Chairman, Central Committee: Voksraad Verkiesing Kommissie.