Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie



Thirty Dutch tourists returned home after they were robbed in their tour bus in South Africa. Excuse me if I think they have not been raped as well, only because there was not enough time. If the Dutch tourists had "safety concerns" before their trip, it is definitely not thanks to the warnings of the Sloet de Villiers-crowd. It is this crowd's job to polish the ANC's marbles abroad; to play down certain South African realities; and to combat our protests by gagging us with boycotts. Here's why.

According to Sloet, I am moving in the “wrong” circles and he in the “right” ones, his articles are in the “proper” media and he has relations with the “proper” European parties – but these political preferences proved to have but one result: More farm murders, more murder in general, more crime and more rape than ever in our South African history. We so-called "regses" (right-wingers) is simply a small group of South Africans, who knows after more than 20 years that the liberal-humanist establishment holds the world under sedation for selfish "politically-correct" purposes. The “new South Africa” is supposed to be the Left-humanists’ proud experiment, but it is failing before the eyes of the whole world. Sloet also omits another small detail of his job description. He sells black workers to Europe as 'healthy' labour. Forget the overtones of slave-trade; it must be one hell of a calling - for the Mediterranean Sea is afloat lately with little boats having to turn away from their would-be host countries: Europe simply has had enough of 'healthy' labour. The reasons for Sloet's dislike of me will now become more apparent to you.

I do not know anyone who does not know a victim of an attack, rape or killing in South Africa. Even Sloet admits that he also knows victims. It has become a rarity to be totally untouched by the scourge. Only one country keeps Sweden from the dubious distinction of being the rape capital of planet Earth - and we know which country that is. But liberal-humanists will, despite this first-hand knowledge, unfailingly send their deadly Afrocentric optimism into the world under the flattering banner of ‘political correctness’. Unfortunately for Sloet, the world woke up to the ruse. It was always nothing more than a crafty smokescreen.

Those so-called 'marginal' conservatives in Europe whom Sloet de Villiers bladders about, are opposition parties growing at a tremendous pace today in almost every European country. Note, amongst others, the PVV in the Netherlands - the same party whose open conversation with myself Sloet tried to gag. Today this party forms a dynamic opposition. There is an unprecedented rise of cautiousness - a leaning to the right, if you must - in Britain, the US, Europe and the Scandinavian countries. And the erstwhile advocates of Sloet's childlike dream choke on their costly and once charming ideals for Africa. Most of them now suffer their fits of regret in shameful silence.

Africa resists the notion of true democracy; living standards and economies inevitably decline. We are all frogs in Cyril Ramaphosa's slowly boiling kettle. The demonised "Right" is merely conservative because we are cautious of this strangling reality. We are not the criminals; nor the killers. Oh, if we just were, for Sloet's sake! We are fighters and survivors. There were no easy era in our history; not a single moment, where we were not completely outnumbered by our foes. But we worked and fought hard throughout our past for the mind-blowing achievements that astonished the world…

Yet we yearn not for the past – we rather want to manage our own future through existing and tested examples of success. We do not suppress other mother tongue speakers. We did not close their universities (they basically had none) so we provided them with universities catering for their mother tongue. Their “gratitude” for that is to kill Afrikaans at each and every traditionally Afrikaans university. We do not vandalize others' history and heritage, we do not burn schools, houses, crops and people; we do not even strike, we do not rob tourists, we do not slaughter unsuspecting farmers…and we certainly are not responsible for keeping the most inept government in human memory in power. Sometimes we still sing Die Stem (The Call); because it is legal and a harmless hymn of gratitude to God. We are certainly not always right, but we have many better applications for matches, tyres and clothing-irons than for burning elderly Whites. We are punished for murders during Apartheid whilst 92% of those murders stemmed from Black-on-Black violence. Our last distress signal is to awaken you, the Liberal-humanist West, to the type of genocide which you subsidized against us when we could and did defend our dearest sovereignty and self-rule.

If I criticize groups collectively, I am branded a racist of course; but Sloet & Company  proudly and trouble-free carry forward the ANC/DA banner of collective racism against Whites in each and every form of human endeavour (such as land appropriation, “Affirmative Action”, sport quotas, Black Economic Empowerment, tertiary education, etc. etc.). Such "reparations" failed to make a single dent in the harrowing Black unemployment rate. These policies of the ruling Black elite - to randomly take from others without compensating them – paint the crosshairs on our farmers’ backs. They fuel the slaughter of my people – farmers and others - which rages on for more than 20 years now. There is no other explanation. Sloet does not tell us this; nor that he favours a system based on countless more race-laws than Verwoerd could have imagined. He would not. He dare not.

But the biggest difference between me and the Sloets of this world is that I grant them their opinions and their careers. That's my weakness. I know. I do not care how many Blacks Sloet besieges the Dutch with. I do not boycott his actions and I even have comprehension for his political opinion. I also do not begrudge him his income. And these differences between us will increasingly assist the world to distinguish between our intentions.

Two of my Afrikaans-speaking colleagues at the banned Wellington concert are non-White friends of mine; but Sloet - a lily-white, gay, “Social Justice Warrior” deprived them of their income there. And he brags about it. Such unsavoury details will of course not reach his CV; it would cause people to take what he says with a pinch of salt. You would realise that you deal with someone who espouses freedom of speech only as long as you parrot what he says. You will know that you are talking to a hypocrite and an opportunistic zealot. You would recognise the same Facism of which Sloet so readily accuses others.

And now, radio journalist Tumi Morake showed her true colours (no pun intended) whilst she, co-host Martin and Sloet had their threesome during a radio “interview”. The “interview” erupted into an orgy of yay-sayers; exposing their hatred of White South Africans and Afrikaners in particular. Today we know: Tumi is a racist; Martin hates Afrikaners; and Sloet de Villiers is paid to lie to Europe.


And if you do not know of the Big Lie yet, I can introduce you to thirty Dutch citizens who do.

My question arises from a deep and real need to know: How is it possible that these people from previously disadvantaged groups - Blacks and gays - can overnight become the executioners of free speech?

- Steve Hofmeyr